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Downloading Instrumental beats online

Trackplanetz.com understands downloading instrumental beats online can be confusing if you are not aware of the basics. Learn how to purchase and download the best beats with high quality. Take a look at our recommended steps & tips below:

Downloading Instrumental Beats Steps

  1. Learn the terms of the beat purchase. Trackplanetz.com sells beats online by licensing, which allows artist to focus on purchasing high quality instrumental beats for a low cost
  2. Learn the difference between non-exclusive and exclusive
  3. Exclusive license – there is no limit to what you can do with the beat. No other artist / musicians can purchase the same beat once you have acquired an exclusive license
  4. Non-Exclusive license – Most artists / musicians buy non-exclusive beats because they are cheaper. If you record a song with the beat, simply contact us to buy the beat exclusively
  5. Purchase the beat by using a credit, debit card and/or paypal account. After paying for the beat, you will receive a link to download your instrumental beat. You will receive the link immediately after your purchase, along with your license agreement

Downloading Instrumental Beats Tips

  1. Buy beats non-exclusively as a starter. If you record a hot track that you like, then you can buy it exclusively
  2. Look for a company that will give you good value for your money. Build a relationship with them, such as sign-up for a monthly subscription that provides you with more bang for your buck and/or receive discounts if you are purchasing multiple beats per month
  3. In the long run, all exclusive beats give you the ability to own the beats. Let your music and aspirations drive you to your ultimate goals