Purchasing Beats: Leasing (non-exclusive) vs Exclusive

Beats exclusive vs non-exclusive lease

Beats exclusive vs non-exclusive lease

Beats exclusive vs non-exclusive lease

What Are Leases (Non-Exclusive)?

When you are purchasing a rap beat there’s two main options, Leases (non-exclusive) & Exclusives. When you lease a beat aka purchase a license you’re simply paying the producer for permission to use the beat and remove the tag. It doesn’t mean that you own the beat. The producer still retains full ownership of the beat and can continue to lease the beat to other artists.

The producer may offer several different leasing or licensing options depending on what you want to do with the beat. The more permissions the producer gives you with a lease the more it’s going to likely cost. Here’s what you can expect from a standard lease. At Trackplanetz.com the bang for your buck cannot be compared.

Leases are perfect for artists with a tight budget that are just starting out and are trying to grow a fan base by releasing singles, demo’s or mixtapes.

What Are Exclusives

Exclusive rights are much more expensive because the producer is giving you full ownership of the beat. This means the producer has to take the beat down from his or her site and can no longer lease it to anyone else “if they we’re leasing the beat before-hand”. When you have exclusive rights you can basically do whatever you want.. it’s yours! This means you can do bigger picture stuff like try and get your song that’s using the beat on the radio, featured in commercials, movies, video games etc..

This also means that the producer will provide you with the whole rap beat tracked out also known is stems. This is all the individual tracks to the beat. For example the kick, snare, hi hat, strings, brass are all in separate high quality WAV files so you can have a mixing engineer professionally mix your vocals with the track.

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  1. Great Article! It’s good to know that a lease is a good way to get music beats even though the owner can still lease out those beats. It’s important to understand these kinds of options when looking for beats and music so that you can make an educated choice when picking a beat for your next song. I think it’s pretty cool that we can find music online that we can implement in our own writing so easily.

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