Exclusive Movie Score Sale

Movie Score Sale

We understand that music is a vital tool for the success of a visual presentation.

Our original scoring captivates the listeners and creates an emotional connection leaving an unforgettable viewing and listening experience. Whether you need a short musical composition for a business presentation or a full length feature film, TrackPlanetz understands how to take a visual presentation and transform it into an audio and visual masterpiece.

From solo instrument compositions to fully orchestrated arrangements, our exclusive music score sale services appeal directly to your desired audience.

Trackplanetz.com Quality of Sounds

Incredible action scenes, sharp dialogue and beautiful cinematography deserve a great soundtrack but finding those perfect tracks isn’t always easy.  Our tracks, created by Big-Name composers, and bright new talent, have simple clearing licensing, clearing the rights to use them couldn’t be simpler.

So, weather you are making a romantic drama or an epic film, the score for yoru movie is just waiting to be discovered.

1. Make sure your files are in the right format

Make sure you have properly recorded your vocals on the song and that you are in possession of all the project files (all audio tracks) in the following format: wav, 44 kHz/16 or 24 bits. (Help: “How can I record my vocals” in the FAQ)

2. Email us via the contact us form below

3. Offer and confirmation

We will recapitulate your request and make our offer: price, date of delivery…
If it matches your expectations, you will be asked to agree to this offer (in reply to the message). Once you have agreed to this offer, your order will be confirmed.

4. Payment

You will then receive an invoice by email, together with a request for payment through Paypal (possible to pay with credit/debit card). The total amount needs to be paid before any work starts.

5. Send us the audio tracks

Send us the separate audio tracks (instrumentals and voices). Because the files are too big in size to be sent directly, you may use free online services to send them, such as: WeTransfer (www.wetransfer.com), DropBox (www.dropbox.com)…

6. Start of the work

Once your payment is completed and the files received, we will proceed to the mixing and mastering of the song.

7. Delivery

A few days later, you will receive the finalized mastered song by email (in wav format).

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